The List

These are my goals & aspirations for T2T in the Americas. If you have any ideas, comments or contacts, please leave a message below. I will add and update this list often.

ARGENTINA: Work and Travel in Buenos Aires

My first Tourist 2 Townie mission was to move to Buenos Aires, Argentina and try to find a local job, learn Spanish and make some friends. I never thought I would get this far!

COLOMBIA: Get Salsa Smooth in Medellin & Cali

After Argentina, I moved to Medellin, Colombia on a mission to learn to salsa dance and prove that Colombia is much more than coffee beans and drug lords. Unfortunately, I fractured my ankle playing basketball two months into the quest so I wasn’t able to reach a competitive level with my Salsa moves. This was an unfinished mission.

USA: The Great American Road Trip

From Colombia, I returned to the States for a number of weddings and decided to set out on a road trip across the United States to experience the best of my own backyard. Here’s what I’ve done and some thing I’d still like to do…

PERU: Learn to Cook like a Peruvian Chef

Back in Latin America, I traveled through Ecuador and Northern Peru before settling in Lima. My biggest mission in the Peruvian capital was to eat my way around the city and learn to cook like a local. Here is what I was able to accomplish in Peru…

BOLIVIA: Volunteer with

From Peru, I moved to Sucre, Bolivia to begin volunteering with an organization called BiblioWorks builds and facilitates libraries in and around the city of Sucre. Here were my goals for living and volunteering in Bolivia for four months…

GUATEMALA: Volunteer with as a Kiva Fellow

After a summer back in the States, celebrating more weddings and organizing my next adventure, I flew to San Francisco to train at the headquarters before traveling to Sololá, Guatemala where I spent three months working with local entrepreneurs to help fund their businesses through Kiva Loans.

Brazil: Learn Portuguese and Work at the World Cup 2014


  • Where should I live to do this in Brazil? Is Rio de Janeiro too obvious?
  • What are the best Ju Jitzu schools in Brazil?
  • How do I learn Portuguese? Will it be easy after I learn Spanish?
  • How can I get a job at the FIFA World Cup in 2014?
  • Hold a conversation in Portuguese
  • Find a Ju Jitzu school to train
  • Compete in Brazilian Ju Jitzu
  • Get a job at the World Cup
  • Watch Argentina, England, Spain and Brazil Futbol Match
  • Discover the Amazon
  • Surf in Florianopolis, Brazil 



What am I missing? Do you know anybody who can help?

I would love your comments below.

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  1. Motorcycle all the way for the road trip across the US

  2. You can’t go wrong in Lima with the chefs and restaurants there, even the tourist traps and uber cheap comida chifa is amazing. But I think you need to add “Surf a long left at Chicama” to your Peru list!

  3. Visit a cacao plantation in Ecuador and help harvest cacao. Take a chocolate class in Quito!

    • Gareth

      I missed the chance when I was in Quito Jeff, I’ll definitely be back to Ecuador and experience much more the second time around.

  4. Can you add go to the Galapagos islands with your dad?

  5. Follow the path of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid in Bolivia.

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  7. eat an “Asado Argentino” incluides , “chinchulines”

  8. Go to Ecuador!! I strongly recommend the Northern Andes.

  9. Regarding Brazil:
    I’m from Brazil, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro and, even though it’s too obvious, Rio is actually a very good place to learn Jiu Jitsu since the Gracie family is from here and the whole city seems to be crazy about the sport (me not so much).
    Now for the World Cup (which I’m really looking forward to): you should definitely check out the fixtures and stadiums at FIFA’s website so you know where to go if you want to see all those teams playing, because they might not play a game in Rio. Here’s the link:
    Besides that, Brazil has lots of wonderful cities to know. You might even find it easier to work at the World Cup on a smaller city like Fortaleza, Curitiba or Porto Alegre. And it’ll be definitely worth the trip.

    I hoep this helps! Great website man.

    • Gareth

      Thank you so much for the info Luiz! I wanted to look into the smaller cities like you mentioned, I just wasn’t sure on where to start, this will help big time.

  10. stumbled across your blog; read some; hooked! mighty fine writing! I am currently working in the coffee industry, and the US office sent me to our colombian operations for origins training. Just went crop touring in southwest Antioquia. Noticed you wanted to visit Jardin and coffee farms. On the crop tour, while most coffee farm owners are in their 50’s; we visited this one farm where a young man of 30 lives on his own. He’s been alone on the farm since 14, and now has over 10 diff types of fruits, 5 diff types of veggies, 200+ hens, flowers, and lots of coffee. Most surprising situation, and very cool to hear his tale. If you go our agronomist has his number and I can get you guys connected. Really, after being here for 7 weeks and about to return to the US office, I can’t help but think how absolutely amazing Colombia is.

  11. I am Sally Cespedes,and I am from Bolivia.I met your father this morning.My mother-in-law is in the Portage Hospital right now.He gave me your web site …I am so happy that you are helping people in my country…thank you!!Why sucre?…How can you help me to do the same work in my little town in Bolivia?.The name of my town is
    Riberalta.(close to the amazon,and right close to Brazil)

    • Gareth

      I would love to help anywhere possible! You should contact to see if they could get any programs rolling in Riberalta! Thanks for checking out the site : )

  12. How about sailing or kayaking in our astounding San Juan Islands, Washington….beats Pike Place Market any day! See you on Orcas…

  13. This is awesome! How inspiring! I am 5 weeks into a year long (or however long the funds will last) trip and reading this has just pumped some energy into me! Thanks so much!

  14. what r u up to now gareth? have u decided yet? kind regards from tokyo

  15. Visitar Santa Fe de Antioquia, acudir a la Semana Santa en Popayán, Visitar Villa Jordán en Manizales, divertirse en Panaca y el Parque del Café y visitar cuanto pueblo paisa pueda. Todo eso en Colombia.

  16. So you forgot Venezuela? you are missing the best nature ever

  17. Travel RUTA 40 in Argentina. It runs along the west side of Argentina right before the Andes. Total length: 5200 km. The only COMPLETE road that goes through the whole country without changing its name. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

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  19. Find a Gracie school for JiuJitsu. You will love it.

  20. Very nice list! Congratulations in attaining it!

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