Salsa Lessons in Medellin, Colombia [VIDEO]

My biggest goal while living in Medellin, Colombia was to trade in my gringo shuffle for some latin coordination by taking salsa lessons during the day and practicing on unsuspecting Colombian women at night.

Unlike the States, you can’t go to a nightclub and just sit around. Dancing is a must if you want to meet fit in with locals (and meet women/men).

After a few weeks of private salsa classes at a quiet place in my neighborhood of Envigado, I was able to get by at night without stepping on anyone’s toes or getting booed off the dance floor.

After a few months of salsa dancing around different nightclubs in Medellin, I felt comfortable jumping up and dancing with anyone.

I still have a long way to go to catch my salsa steps up to my reggaeton rhythm (which is more like good ‘ol fashion grinding in the States), but I feel like I’m on my way.

I enjoy Salsa a lot more than the Tango I was dancing in Buenos Aires because it seems to be more loose and fun than the structured seriousness of Tango (although both are wicked sexy).

Hopefully within the next few years I can get back to Colombia and visit Cali, the Salsa capital of Colombia, to hone my moves and then venture to Cuba to see how they rock the Salsa.

Until then, I’ll keep working on my skills and I’ll do a follow-up video for you all to see the transformation from this video, my first Salsa lesson in Medellin.

Dancing Salsa in Medellin Colombia

My First Salsa Lesson in Medellin, Colombia

Info on Salsa Lessons in Medellin:

I took my salsa lessons from GozArte in Envigado, but I had some friends took private lessons from Baila Latina in the Poblado neighborhood of Medellin.

There are also a number of group classes around the city at various nightclubs, like Cien Fuegos.

Medellin is also host to the annual Colombia Salsa Festival, so that’s a great time of the year to go and practice.

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19 Responses to Salsa Lessons in Medellin, Colombia [VIDEO]

  1. Learning to salsa dance was one of the highlights of my travels in Latin America. Sadly, I didn’t keep up with it and probably cannot do it anymore.
    Stephanie – The Travel Chica recently posted..8 Favorite Animal Photos from Tupiza to UyuniMy Profile

    • Gareth

      I totally understand Steph. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find a few salsa spots while I’m back in the States to keep me moving until I can get back into lessons and dancing on a regular basis.

  2. Try and go to the world salsa championships in cali next time you are there. Unbelievable and better still it is free to watch the events!

    • Gareth

      I heard great things about the event Karen… I gotta get to Cali soon to see how they dance because I heard it’s much faster than how they teach and dance in Medellin.

  3. What, no real world footage from the discotecas of Medellin!?

    See you in Cuba!
    Dave recently posted..The Rumba Begins at 2012 La Feria De Las FloresMy Profile

    • Gareth

      No time for taping once I hit the d. floor. Next time I’m in Medellin, I definitely will. Maybe we can shoot something together in Cuba.

  4. Not ready for Dancing with the Stars yet? Although, you’d probably make it through the first couple weeks…fun!

  5. Hola Vago, me gusta mucho tu vídeo y tus clases en la corporación gozarte , nos encantaría tenerte por aquí de nuevo , eres siempre bienvenido , un beso y un abrazo grande , la profe de español ;)
    carmen recently posted..TalleresMy Profile

  6. great video.. keep it up.. ;)
    rdsean recently posted..Top Tourist Attractions of AyutthayaMy Profile

  7. Gareth

    He is my inspiration to get better.

  8. Oh this is so cute. Now that you’ve shown us the “before” you have to show us the “after”.
    Ayngelina recently posted..Food Friday: Portland Food CartsMy Profile

  9. It’s very inspirational job, which can help others. Thanks for sharing.
    Fidel Kellen recently posted..Max workouts bMy Profile

  10. Also I’m learning with you, which is very necessary. And next I’ll try like you.
    Jordy Amarion recently posted..celebstaped.comMy Profile

  11. I started taking Salsa lessons early last month and the progress is really good. I take it as physical fitness exercise too. All the best for you too.
    Bill Martins recently posted..http://www.gcdreview.orgMy Profile

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  13. Looks like you had a great time! Didn’t take lessons during my stay in Medellin but watching your video makes me think I should have given it a try. Happy Travels.
    Jennifer recently posted..10 Things To Do In Porto PortugalMy Profile

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