FOTO FRIDAY: La Isla del Sol

The View of Lake Titicaca from my hotel in Copacabana, Bolivia

I almost skipped the Isla del Sol tour for a rainy Lakefront hotel in Copacabana

La Isla del Sol AKA the Island of the Sun rests peacefully on the Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca. After touring the floating islands of the Uros from Puno, Peru, I took a uneventful 4-hour bus ride across the Bolivian border and into Copacabana, Bolivia.

Copacabana is a nice little lakefront village that is both traditional and accommodating to the passing Lake Titicaca tourists.

I chose the first waterfront hotel (Hotel Mirador) I saw getting off the bus and for 70 bolivianos ($10 US) it proved to be a pretty decent choice for the night.

I guess it worked out better than expected because I ended up oversleeping the departure time for the full-day boat tour around La Isla del Sol. I wasn’t too disappointed because it was raining when I woke up. So I got to trade in the early morning storm for the sweet sounds of rain hitting the hotel’s tin roof from bed as I watched all the go-getters ship out from my window. Not wanting to spend another night in Copacabana, I finally pulled myself out of bed and settled on a half-day tour of just the south side of the island.

La Isla del Sol Tour from Copacabana Bolivia on Lake Titicaca

It was still a little rainy when we shipped off for La Isla del Sol tour.

The island was peaceful and the views of Lake Titicaca were spectacular. There were some ruins along the higher points of La Isla del Sol but after Machu Picchu, I just couldn’t get myself excited about them.

La Isla del Sol Tour from Copacabana Bolivia on Lake Titicaca

docking on La Isla del Sol Tour on Lake Titicaca

Overall, Lake Titicaca, the highest lake in the world with the coolest name in the world, is as stunning as it is big. The islands on Lake Titicaca are home to a variety of traditional communities that make you appreciate the natural beauty of this world.

La Isla del Sol Tour from Copacabana Bolivia on Lake Titicaca

The peaceful lifestyle on Lake Titicaca and La Isla del Sol

From the highest points of La Isla del Sol you could capture an incredible view of the low-hanging clouds reflecting off the freezing sharp blue water. Terrace farming tracks lined the hilltops and traditionally dressed locals cruised along the steep pebbled paths with their daily goods.

La Isla del Sol Tour on Lake Titicaca from Copacabana, Bolivia

A traditional day on La Isla del Sol on Lake Titicaca

A 5-hour boat tour was just the right amount of time and as soon as we dropped anchor in Copacabana, I was off to catch a bus to Sucre!

La Isla del Sol Tour on Lake Titicaca from Copacabana, Bolivia

Take me to Sucre please!

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7 Responses to FOTO FRIDAY: La Isla del Sol

  1. Wow. Well done on that photography, man. Looks like a picturesque setting.
    Ryan recently posted..Why Clicking Pictures Won’t Help You Learn A Foreign LanguageMy Profile

  2. Much prettier on a sunny day :-)
    Stephanie – The Travel Chica recently posted..Foto of the Week from … The Middle of the Andes: LinesMy Profile

  3. As soon as I saw those curtains I was thinking for sure that was El Mirador. I always stay there although last time it was double the price from my first visit and the shower had no hot water, which made me sad. Lovely photos.
    Mica recently posted..Giveaway: 2 tickets to see a movie/ t.v. tour in Boston or NYCMy Profile

    • Gareth

      Haha, that’s awesome that you stay there too. Everything was good for me except they were doing construction on the room right next door… never good.

  4. the blue clouds plus the blue sea is love.. :P your shots are spectacular too..
    rdsean recently posted..Imperial Palace of CebuMy Profile

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