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My Long-Term Packing List - The Gear


One of the most popular questions people ask me in regards to long-term travel is how I pack for such a trip. I’ve seen many other travel bloggers list all their stuff right down to the dental floss and I thought that was kinda fun. So, before I packed up on Tuesday night I laid out all my stuff and took some photos for your viewing pleasure.

When I traveled to Argentina and Colombia I checked 2 bags along with a small laptop backpack. On this trip I cut my stuff to 1 bag (49.5 lbs) and the laptop backpack. I gotta tell you, it feels great, I feel so light and free.

Here’s my stuff…


My Long-Term Travel Packing List - Clothing

My Long-Term Travel Packing List - Clothing

 3 sweaters – 2 long sleeve t-shirts – 1 Nike hoodie – 1 light hoodie – 1 track jacket – 2 short sleeve polos – 4 button down shirts – 13 t-shirts – 1 bathing suit – 3 mesh shorts – 1 cargo shorts – 2 jeans – 1 kaki pants – 1 linen pants – 1 fleece sweatpants – 1 kaki all-purpose jacket – 8 pairs of underwear – 12 pairs of socks


My Long-Term Travel Packing List - Accessories

My Long-Term Travel Packing List - Accessories

1 toiletry bag – 1 camelbak daypack – basketball shoes –  all-purpose sneakers – dress shoes – flip flops – ankle brace – 2 baseball caps – 1 winter cap – 1 reversable belt* – 1 jump rope* – 1 elastic workout band*


My Long-Term Packing List - Toiletries

My Long-Term Packing List - Toiletries

1 Mitchum Deodorant – 4 Mini Toothpaste Tubes – Hand Moisturizer – Ear Plugs – Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms – Neosporin – lip balm – Biofreeze (good for sore muscles) – Bug repellent from Passport Health – Band-aids – Altoids – Yves Saint Laurent cologne – Conair hair trimmer – Men’s Daily Vitamins – Baby Powder (for those sweaty days) – Dove body wash – Dental Floss – Razor – extra blades – lighter – toothbrush – comb – Crew hair stuff – hair scissors – nail clippers – 2 rolls of athletic tape*


My Long-Term Travel Packing List - Electronics and Extras

My Long-Term Travel Packing List - Electronics and Extras

2 sunglasses – 2 watches – 2 composition books – spiral notebook – mini spiral notebook – lock and key – iPod  – iPod charger – T2T business cards – Passport – retractable ethernet cable – WordPress essentials CD – Pocket Spanish Dictionary – Kindle – Lacie external hard-drive with cords – 2 Cell phones (US & International) with chargers – wallet – change purse – Set of outlet plug converters – Canon S95 Battery Charger and computer wire – Canon S95 Camera*

*Not pictured

**Also not pictured is the new GoPro Camera I just won from I Can’t wait until it arrives! Wahoooo! 

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11 Responses to The Junk In My Trunk

  1. Where is your ankle brace … and kitchen sink?

  2. sorry I just saw the ankle brace…

  3. The bug repellent from Passport Health is legit. Used it while traveling in Southeast Asia. Not a single bite!

  4. Gareth

    I haven’t used it yet but I’m pretty excited about whipping it out at the right time. I’m more worried about those things that swim up your pee hole if I go into the amazon. Gross!

  5. Well-laid out. Solid photos. Complete lists. Well done, man… One of the better packing list posts I’ve seen.
    Ryan recently posted..A New Chapter For Ryan Goes AbroadMy Profile

  6. Cool Stuff! I love the way you organize your things

  7. WOW! You pack a whole lotta shoes. That’s gotta be at least 10 lbs right there = just about my entire limit of stuff :)

  8. My favorite part of this is how neatly organized these shots are…and how each ‘grouping’ has it’s own unique setting/background. Nice. But what kind of bag are you using??
    Lisa | LLWorldTour recently posted..Big on Bidets: What is a bidet & how do you use it?My Profile

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