Sambo’s Monkeymentary

**Watch in HD**

On day 1 of volunteering at Paseo Los Monos Monkey Rescue Center in Puyo, Ecuador my camera was confiscated by Sambo, the alpha woolly monkey.

He told me I could have it back at the end of the week, but not before he put together this short video explaining his life at “the Monkey Ranch”.

If you notice any shaky footage you need to understand that monkeys don’t use tripods.

Read all about my experience at Paseo Los Monos Monkey Rescue Center.

Special thanks to all animals and volunteers who made this week one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Also, thanks to Nick Greco for translating Sambo’s dialog.

Sambo's Monkeymentary

The Monkey Behind the Magic - Sambo, Director/Alpha Woolly

Having trouble loading the video? Try watching it on the T2T Youtube Channel

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13 Responses to Sambo’s Monkeymentary

  1. This was worth waiting for!

  2. Hey Gareth, Great site! Keep it up. – D

  3. Wow so cool! I like adventures in the wild too. How was the experience with the monkeys?

    Great documentation! I wish to have one someday!

    Prime T. recently to get a girl to like youMy Profile

  4. wow interesting , haha the monkey its cute
    Jack recently posted..Comment on Panasonic DMC-ZS9 14.1MP Review by adminMy Profile

  5. Ahhhmazing. Seems like quite the life. Noticed that there were a few other mammals that might not classify as monkeys. Was that an otter I saw?

  6. I loved the video! Hilarious! thanks :)
    Beatrice recently posted..Manila, PhilippinesMy Profile

  7. ok people all the things taht before becouse has a two experimental and indigens to know how do the things and a few old volunters to learn alone the things becouse the boss is a alcoholic all the money to pay in one week is for ron or whisky me stay many time and see all this things the baby i need to out to there becouse they maltrate him , all the volunter and the guides was fired, and riht now is a caos there, pleas we need help but no to given money ther , inclusive the volunters rihgt now don do nathing dont explain nathin dont want to the new volunters know about all the vicius and negligency ,is necesari try to out the animals there this people only want money and dont care noathing about animals

  8. Gateth, love this! Thank you so much. I am headed there in May of 2013. Any tips or things at I can take to make life a little easier for the animals, please share.

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