My Life in Rio – 3 Months in 30 Photos

The last 90 days have been an absolute blur. I touched down on January 18th and from that moment forward, Rio de Janeiro has completely sucked me in.

On a long bus ride to the airport this week to extend my tourist visa, I had some time to reflect on the first three months of living in Brazil.

I’ve gotten to know the city pretty well and my Portuguese is improving every day. I found a great place to live, a few solid friends and some quality basketball close by. My gym membership is free and so is my rental office. Things are moving along nicely.

The next chapter will focus on creating more substance and traveling deeper. The beaches are beautiful and Carnival was insane, but there’s a lot more to Brazil than that.

I’ll be traveling around the country over the next two months, as well as solidifying plans for my primary goal in Brazil – to work at the World Cup.

I can’t wait to reveal my plans for both of these adventures, but until they’re finalized, here’s a photo diary of my first three months in the ‘Marvelous City.’ It went a little something like this…

Day one, hour one, I dropped my bags off at the hostel and went straight to Ipanema beach.

Ipanema Beach - Rio De Janeiro Brazil

I met a great group of people at the hostel which included three Brazilians, a Chilean and a guy from Hawaii.

Baha Beach with the Brazilian Crew

During the day, I explored the city. Can you spot the loner?

Escadaria Selarón

And I snuck into expensive hotels to get better views.

Copacabana Beach Rio de Janeiro Brazil

At night, we went out and drank some Caipirinhas.

Caipirinhas in Rio de JaneiroThen I found an apartment with a good view (below) and great roommates.

Apartment in Rio de JaneiroWe ate food together.

Brazilian Food

I went running so I wouldn’t get fat.

Staying Fit in Rio de Janeiro

Then I found a gym that trumped all other gyms I have ever been to.

Staying Fit in Rio de Janeiro

There was a basketball court nearby where I shot threes and earned some street cred.

Basketball in Rio de Janeiro

From there I got invited to play in a league outside the city (that’s me playing D).

Basketball in Rio de JaneiroWith all the physical activity, I got addicted to suco shops and Acai. It left me no time for quality photoshopping.

Suco Shops in Rio de JaneiroAll while taking Portuguese classes for four hours a day.

Portuguese Classes in Rio de Janeiro

Then Carnival came and I forgot everything.

Brazil Carnival 2014

There were many street parties.

Carnaval do Rio de JaneiroI saw lots of boobs.

Brazil Carnival in Rio de JaneiroAnd got caught dancing with the queen of Carnival at a Vila Isabel Pre-Carnival Party.

Brazil Carnival in Rio de JaneiroAnd danced in the parade at Sambodrome. I was nervous. It was awesome.

Brazil Carnival in Rio de JaneiroAfter carnival, I spent a week recovering and watching saxy sunsets.

Ipanema Beach Sunset Rio de Janeiro BrazilThey are really nice here.

Ipanema Beach Sunset Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Ipanema is incredible but, sunset at the harbor wall in Urca might be my favorite.

Urca Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Here’s the view above Urca (bottom of photo) from Sugarloaf Mountain with Flamengo beach across the bay.

The View of Urca Sugarloaf Mountain

The semi-finals of the Carioca Cup came so I went to Maracana Stadium to watch my team (Fluminense) lose in the semi-finals against Vasco.

Maracana Stadium Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Then I watched Flamengo win the Basketball Championship and I thought about changing my team then they beat Vasco to win the Carioca Cup too.

Flamengo Basketball in Rio de Janeiro BrazilThen I went down to Centro Rio to get some culture at the National Library

National Library in Rio de Janeiroand got a nice view of the Teatro Municipal.

Teatro Municipal Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Then I got hungry and went to a market.

Street Market in Rio de JaneiroI took a nice photo of this papaya and then immediately smashed it on the ground. I dislike papayas.


Then I washed my hands and went to the office to get some work done.

Regus Office Rio de Janeiro Brazil And that brings us up-to-date as I sit here and publish this. Here’s to three more months!

Regus Office Rio de Janeiro BrazilMore T2T Photos:

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17 Responses to My Life in Rio – 3 Months in 30 Photos

  1. 1. Those views look just gorgeous!
    2. Your photoshopping cracked me up.
    3. “I saw lots of boobs.” – such a boy! Hahaha
    Adventurous Andrea recently posted..An Unexpected Floridian AdventureMy Profile

  2. Sounds like a great 3 months. So refreshing to see you’ve actually bedded into the city rather than just doing the usual touristy things. I loved those gyms by the beach – where they should be.
    The CounterIntuitive recently posted..Why Your Next Skiing or Snowboarding Trip Should be Niseko, JapanMy Profile

    • Gareth

      Absolutely! The gym locations are great because they force you to work out until you look like the other good looking people on the beach.

    • I agree with “The Counterintuitive”, I like the fact that you avoided the tourist traps and instead lived there as if you were an expatriate settling in. Really great photos.

  3. Gareth, I am both so very happy for you and so proud of you!!! Your adventurous high school spirit thrives!! I’m happy that you are embracing this opportunity to see and live in the real world with real people! I LOVE your photo journals and who you represent! You are an outstanding Hilton ambassador!!! Please, when you achieve your goal of working at the World Cup, post many pictures! I would love to share your experiences with my girls!

    I’m so glad that you are you! You are a man of many accomplishments and experiences!!!

    Mary Pignato

  4. Looks like a success thus far! I look forward to reading more about your adventures in Brazil.

  5. I’m glad you smashed that papaya. Papayas are lame.

  6. Wonderful photos. those views look amazing. Made me want to visit for sure.
    Bella Vida Letty recently posted..Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation CenterMy Profile

  7. I enjoyed staring at your photos! It is just now that I appreciated Brazil even more because of the pictures you shared. :)

  8. Wow, life there sure seems exciting, warm… I would love to get a taste of Rio :)

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