STA Travel Insurance

My Travel Insurance for Buenos Aires

STA Travel is the ultimate in student travel information and services. I used them a lot when I studied abroad in London and they came through again with affordable travel insurance for my trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Although Let’s Go Buenos Aires said all Argentina health care is free (even to tourists) I want to make sure I am covered. So, I bought a 3-month plan to start, which cost me just under $300 bucks after I added the “Adventure Sports Package”. Oooh Yeah! Not bad considering what it includes. Also, with STA travel insurance you can extend the plan anytime as long as you do it before it expires. Even more… they have locations around the world so you can stop in and flirt get good information from the STA staff.

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  1. Hello!! I enjoyed your post, Travel insurance provides financial assistance at times of emergency when you are traveling for a business or personal purpose and provides you adequate coverage for risks. Thanks to share this helpful information.

    Alisha martin

  2. Alex Alfred

    Travel insurance is a great facility for every body it helps every body who wants to fly at any time whenever they have to travel for any business or personal purpose and it also decrease the risk element too.

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