Things To Do in Sao Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil is the largest city in South America and known for its incredible food, buzzing nightlife and never-ending high-rises.

As I said in the video, I was completely overwhelmed when I arrived in the big Brazilian metropolis, so I enrolled a few of the 11 million plus inhabitants for some help.

Here is the advice and recommendations they gave me in regards to things to do in Sao Paulo

Things to do in Sao Paulo (including closest metro stops):

  1. Veloco restaurant for delicious coxinhas, one of the best Brazilian foods!
  2. Breakfast in Padoca – Pao na Chapa / Pao na chapa com requijao midia
  3. Pinocotela Museum and Museu da Casa Brasileira (Estaciao da Luz)
  4. Se Catedral (Se)
  5. Little Japan – Sushi and walking around the city (Liberdade)
  6. Stroll Paulista Ave (Paraiso)
  7. MASP Art Museum (Paraiso)
  8. Beco de Batman street art alley (Vila Madalena)
  9. Mercado Municipal (Sao Bento) for Pastel de bacalau and sanduiche de Martadela
  10. Teraco Italia (In the Italy Building) for the view (take a taxi)
  11. Ibirapuera Park 
  12. Skye Bar, close to Ibirapuera Park (take a taxi)

Eat up…

things to do in Sao Paulo

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Travel Deeper Brazil: Best Beaches in Florianopolis

Let me take you on a journey across an island with over 4o beaches, as I spend a long weekend tracking down the very best.

Florianopolis (or Floripa as it’s known) is a large island and capital of the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina in Southern Brazil. It’s a very popular spot for Brazilian holidays and summer and it’s also one of the most famous places in Brazil to surf.

Thanks to the help of some local friends, I rented a car and traversed the island over the course of 24 hours, experiencing all the best beaches in Florianopolis.

Here are the best beaches I visited as seen in the video above. If for some reason you can’t watch the video here, click on this link that will take you to the T2T YouTube page.

It’s good to note that I was there during the low season, because in the peak season and holidays, the beaches are much more full and festive! 

Also good to note… Praia means beach in Portuguese. 

Best Beaches in Florianopolis: 

Campeche Beach – One of the widest and longest stretching beaches in Florianopolis.

Joaquina Beach – Famous for its big sand dunes and surfing breaks, Joaquina has long been the most popular beach in Floripa.

Mole Beach – In recent years, Mole beach is taking over Joaquina’s thrown as the ultimate hot spot for the young, cool crowd. Come here to surf or hangout and stay for the beautiful women of Floripa!

Jureré / Jureré Internacional – This part of the island is dedicated to the rich and famous. Huge homes, beautiful beach and lots of money to go around. There is also a really cool fort close to Jureré Internacional that you should check out while you’re in the area.

Santinho Beach – Off the beaten path and a little bit of a task getting there, Santinho is a great spot to escape the crowds. Although there’s a big resort on one end of the beach, if you time it right you’ll have more than enough space to enjoy the beauty of rolling green hills crashing down into the ocean.

Lagoinha do Leste – Absolute paradise. As you saw from the video, it takes a little while to get there, but that makes it all the better. Come during high season and you’ll have to share the space with surfers… a small price to pay for perfection.

Here’s a map of the best beaches in Florianopolis

Florianopolis Map


Floripa Nightlife:

Outside of having some of the best beaches in Brazil, Florianopolis is famous for its incredible nightlife. Whether it’s “Fields” downtown or Pacha in Jureré, it is incredible. You’ll need beach after partying until 6, 7, 8 in the morning.

Floripa Food: 

For some of the freshest oysters you’ll ever have, head down to Box 32 in Floripa’s central market. Otherwise, there’s plenty of fresh seafood and traditional Brazilian food around the beaches. However, beach bodies are priority number one, so make good choices (or throw up after).


I loved Florianopolis, more so than I thought I would to be honest. Coming from Rio de Janeiro, I didn’t know if I’d be that impressed with the beaches and nightlife like everyone said I would. Well, I’m happy to say, I was wrong and I was definitely in awe of all the beauty (and beauties) this island offers.

Next time I’m coming back during peak season to experience all the beach parties and holiday energy! Until then, I’ll hang on to the memories of my first trip…

Best Beaches in Florianopolis

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Salvador Brazil in Photos

Salvador Brazil Arrival

Traveling to Salvador, Brazil was a once in a lifetime experience that gave me the opportunity to see and experience a different side of Brazilian culture and history.

I ate, I explored and I took a lot of photos of Salvador in the process. Here are a few of my favorite snaps from a week in the Northeastern city of Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.

To get a behind the scenes look at the sites and sounds, including all the street food, capoeira lessons and late night Forró dancing, check out the first episode of “Travel Deeper Brazil” from Salvador, Brazil.

Salvador Brazil Favelas

Flying into Salvador, you can see the incredibly vast landscape covered with favelas like a endless collection of legos.

Salvador Brazil Harbor

The harbor in central Salvador, including a giant elevator to the far left of the photo that takes you from the city center down towards the docks and central market.

Salvador Brazil Marmoset

The beautiful coastline and gritty downtown area is full of life, including this little marmoset who came to see what I was up to.

Salvador Brazil Pelourinho historic center

One of the beautiful main square in Pelourinho, the historic center of Salvador, decorated for the São João Festival.

Salvador Brazil ChurchesThe feet of a local statue, traditionally dressed in front of one of the many churches in Salvador. The beautiful and well-preserved churches across the city are a site to see.

Salvador Bonfim Wish Ribbons

One catholic church, Senhor do Bonfim, takes it further by offering wish ribbons to locals and visitors alike. You make three wishes and then tie the ribbon to your wrist. The three wishes are supposed to come true before the ribbon falls off.

Salvador Brazil Balconies

Every balcony in Salvador tells a story.

Salvador Brazil ColorsI’ve never been to a more colorful city. It reminded me a lot of Cartagena, Colombia.

The Streets of Salvador Brazil

Cruising the streets of Pelourinho.

Salvador Brazil Street Art

Thanks to my local friend for showing me around!

Salvador Brazil Travel Deeper

She showed me the best spots to catch the sunset…

Sunset in Salvador Brazil

Then we drank a lot of Cravinho and so did this guy…

Salvador Brazil Cravinho Bar

Brazilian Music in the streets, you can’t beat it.

Live Music in Salvador Brazil

Locals watching from their open windows on a beautiful night in Salvador.

Life in Salvador BrazilWatch Travel Deeper Brazil: Salvador Now

Travel Deeper Brazil: Salvador Bahia

Salvador is the cultural capital of Northeastern Brazil and heart of Afro-Brazilian heritage.

Like the wrinkles that shape an old man’s smile, the city is an incredible blend of beauty, history and grittiness.

I had the opportunity to spend a few days exploring Salvador with a local friend, and absolutely loved it’s character and diversity.

The above video is the first in a new series called “Travel Deeper Brazil.” I plan on uploading a new video every week on the T2T YouTube Channel that highlights my Brazilian adventures over the past eight months of living and traveling in Brazil.

If for some reason you can’t watch the video on this site, click here.

For those interested in traveling to Brazil and experiencing some of the things I did in Salvador, below is a quick “Salvador Travel Guide” based on some of the things I did in town.

As always, if you need information about any destination, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Where to Stay:

I stayed at the Hotel InterCity Premium, it’s a great place with incredible rooftop pool and wonderful views, but it’s far away from the historical city center of Salvador.

If you’re on a budget, there are a few good hostels in Pelourinho in central Salvador.

What to Eat:

Salvador street food is delicious! When you’re there, you can’t miss the Acarajé, Moqueca de Camarao and Caldo de Sururu. Also, try Cravinho or any of the other flavors of cachaca from the small bar right in the central plaza of Pelourinho.

What to Do:

I took Capoeira lessons at Associação de Capoeira Mestre Bimba, one of the oldest and most respected Capoeira schools in the city.

I stayed in town because I had just come from a ton of beaches in Natal and Recife, but there are a ton of day trips to beaches just outside Salvador.

Also, learn to dance Forró and Samba.

Otherwise, explore the beautiful colonial streets and buildings of downtown Salvador, try to catch Olodum performing and get there for one of the best carnivals in Brazil!

Travel Deeper Salvador Brazil


Rio de Janeiro in Motion

Rio de Janeiro is such an amazingly photogenic city that I decided to change things up and try my hand at a little tilt-shift video I call “Rio in Motion.”

Over the course of the past eight months of living in Rio, I’ve gathered these shots from all over the city by hiking, climbing and talking my way into good lookout spots above the action. This is the result of getting high and just letting the camera run.

I hope you enjoy “Rio in Motion.”

For best quality, watch in HD on YouTube or on the T2T Vimeo Channel.

Music: “Start of Something Good” by Jonny Rodgers

Rio shots include: Christ the Redeemer, Rocinha Favela, Santa Marta Favela, Copacabana Beach, Ipanema Beach, Sugarloaf Mountain, Downtown Rio de Janeiro, the Municipal Theater, Botafogo Beach,  Parque Lage, Urca, the Rio Metro, views of Niteroi, Barra de Tijuca, to name a few.

Do you like this style of video?